Saturday, 20 December 2014

'Reminiscence'- Winter School at IIM-A

"We all have our time machines. Some take us back,they are called memories.Some take us forward,they are called dreams" - Jeremy Irons.

Those five days can't be easily put up on a paper. It was just more than a 'Winter School'. And,it started with a broader vision and huge enthusiasm.I am sure that it has changed many perceptions of people there,no matter how little.

My thoughts on education,literacy and learning changed completely.It was like that you have been brought up by learning some structured lessons and forming particular opinions and one has always thought that way.And then one day,someone contradicted you and you realized that it too,does make sense and you just never thought that way. I felt the same.

And,then IIM-A taught this by doing what they are best at. We got lessons on different aspects of research and education.From the Cake experiment to teach us about how to distribute resources,field trips,workshop sessions on community building to bonfire night,everything was perfectly in place.

Bringing together people from different educational institutions with varied experiences and ideas was like icing on the cake. We shared ideas,brainstormed and learned a lot of things from each other's opinions.I met some best set of people. Penning down everything which happened during those five days would be really difficult. And,even if one would be able to document that,I doubt that he/she will be able to recreate that same aura that we experienced.

I appreciate the organizers for pulling off an event like that,such brilliantly.I look forward to that little change that we are going to make in our society. I applaud the initiative and responsibility that IIM-A took, for being a part of this change.
I thank everyone there for igniting that spark in me to contribute for society and do my bit. It was a wonderful experience and one worth remembering.

Thank you,IIM-A.