Sunday, 9 November 2014

Startup Weekend @IIT Delhi

Imagine you enter a place with random thoughts and complete strangers,pitch your idea, convince ,brainstorm and end up with a prototype at the end of two-day event. Yes!, I just described a Startup Weekend event in one line.

Bring randomness to the moment,fun and curiosity will follow.

Sounds quite bizarre? I know. Well obviously, discussing an idea and raising a startup in a two-day span sounds ideal in theory. But,the event made a brilliant attempt to give an emotion of 'what it feels like to start a startup or work in one'. It gave an experience of 'what one should expect if they are willing to go on that path'. And,it taught that a startup is not all that fancy as it sounds.
Well, all of this is coming from a perception of student's observation,who learned a lot about a lot of new things.

It began with most bizarre seventy-seven ideas pitched on the first night.Out of which,20 got selected with much convincing efforts for further collaboration and building a prototype.

“If you're not embarrassed when you ship your first version, you waited too long.” ― Matt Mullenweg (Founder of Wordpress). 
We were continuously slogging away for straight 48 hours,to meet the two-day's deadline and working on our projects.And,the teams left judges in surprise with the prototype that they had come up with,in such span.But,we better know where we missed.

Not to forget,I was pretty much surprised with the way the whole event was co-ordinated.And,the organizers were pretty amazing and kept everyone's spirits high.People of different domains brought varying perceptions in ideas and their executions.

If I would say that winning is not everything,then I would probably be lying.But,I agree that it was one hell of an experience .